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SAT Math

Algebra 2

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Powers, Inverses, and Radicals

Exponents and Logarithmic Functions





Quadratic Relations

Series and Combinations

Multiplying exponents.

Dividing exponents.


Compounding interest annually word problem.

Compounding interest word problem.

Find the nth root.

Simplifying radicals with variables.

Simplifying radicals in exponent form.

Simplifying negative radicals in exponent form.

Simplifying radicals in the denominator using conjugates.

Multiplying roots.

Solving equations with roots.

Graphing radicals.

Graph an inequality with a radical.

Adding and subtracting functions.

Graph the inverse.

Graph the inverse given a graph.

Root of a negative (imaginary).

Solving a simple equation using imaginary numbers.

Multiplying imaginary numbers.

Simplify to complex numbers (addition).

Simplify to complex numbers (multiplication).

Complex number word problem.

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