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SAT Math

Algebra 2

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Powers, Inverses, and Radicals

Exponents and Logarithmic Functions





Quadratic Relations

Series and Combinations


Functions (two terms and variables).

Composite functions.

Composite functions (square root).

Graphing equations.

Graphing equations with absolute values.

Solving equations by combining like terms.

Solving equations with the distributive property.

Solving with variables on both sides.

Graph a line given an equation in slope-intercept form.

Graph a line given an equation in point-slope form.

Graph a line given an equation in standard form.

Translate a graph of a linear equation.

Analyze a Piecewise-Linear function.

Analyze a Piecewise-Linear function (smaller).

Read a Piecewise-Linear function.

Direct Variation.

Direct Variation (find k).

Direct Variation (given a table, find k).

Direct Variation word problem (Circumference).

Inverse Variation.

Inverse Variation (find k).

Inverse Variation (given a table, find k).

Inverse Variation word problem (rate and time).

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