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SAT Math

Algebra 2

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Whole Numbers


Fractions I

Fractions II

Ratios, Proportions, and Percents

Statistics and Probablity

Basic Algebra

Basic Geometry

Bar graphs.

Bar graphs (smaller).

Make a bar graph given when data.

Line graphs.

Line graphs (smaller).

Pie charts.

Analyzing graphs.

Mean (whole answers).


Mean word problem.


Median word problem.


Mode (no mode added).

Mode word problem.


Range word problems.

Standard deviation.

Simple reverse mean word problem (whole numbers).

Reverse mean word problem (whole numbers).

Reverse mean word problem.

Overall average word problem.

Basic probability word problem (marbles).

Basic probability word problem (students).

Probability word problem (with replacement).

Probability word problem (no replacement).

Experimental probability word problem.

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