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Algebra 2

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Whole Numbers


Fractions I

Fractions II

Ratios, Proportions, and Percents

Statistics and Probablity

Basic Algebra

Basic Geometry

Identifying fractions.

Identifying proper, improper, and mixed numbers.

Plot a fraction on a number line.

Find the greatest common factor of two numbers (GCF).

Writing numbers as products of primes using exponents.

Reducing fractions.

Higher equivalent fractions.

Comparing fractions.

Sorting fractions.

Improper fractions to mixed numbers.

Mixed numbers to improper fractions.

Multiplying simple fractions.

Multiplying fractions word problem.

Multiplying fractions with canceling.

Multiplying 3 fractions.

Multiplying a whole number and a fraction.

Multiplying mixed numbers and a fraction.

Multiplying mixed numbers and a whole number.

Multiplying mixed numbers.

Dividing simple fractions.

Dividing with mixed numbers.

Find a fraction of a number.

Find what fraction.

Find a number given a fraction of it.

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