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Basic Math / GED



SAT Math

Algebra 2

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Numbers and Operations

Basic Algebra


Intermediate Algebra

Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability

Adding integers.

Subtracting integers.

Multiplying integers.

Dividing integers.

Graph a line given an equation in slope-intercept form.

Basic exponents.

Adding and subtracting radicals.

Multiplying and dividing radicals.


Solving two-step equations.

Factoring polynomials without a leading coefficient.

Factoring polynomials with a leading coefficient.

Literal expressions.

Literal expressions II.

Literal expressions III.

Evaluate an exponent which contains a variable.

Plot a point on a coordinate plane.

Find the slope given 2 points.

Given a graph, calculate the slope.

Solve a system by graphing.

Solve a system by substitution.

Solve a system by combination.

Solve a system by any method.

Systems of equations word problem.

Systems of equations word problem II.

Systems of equations word problem III.

Systems of equations word problem IV.

Solving equations with inequalities.

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