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Customize worksheets, quizzes, and tests in Basic Math, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, GED, and SAT with many important features. Choose from 900+ problems and growing.


Get important features with...
Davitily Math Problem Generator

- multiple choice options
- administer test/worksheet online
- add your own tutorial videos online
- customize your own curriculum
- save documents online
- save to PDF
- share documents option
- print w/ vertical or horizontal format
- easily create different versions
- easy search problems feature
- randomize problem order

Administer your tests or quizzes online with automatic grading

You create your test by selecting the multiple choice problems you want. Then you create a login and password for class. Simple share this with your students and they can go login page and take your test online. Once a completed test is submitted, the test will automatically be graded. You will be able to see the scores with the problems that were missed.

Create your own online curriculum with accompanying tutorial videos

You can do this by selecting the first problems you want your students to learn for your curriculum. Then you would add the embed links for the tutorial videos from various sites such as YouTube that can help your students solve those problems.

Create multiple versions of your test

Once you have a test created, go to the documents menu and there will be an option to create another version of the same test. It will produce problems of the same type with different values. You can also create another version that shuffles the order of the original problems.

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